Other Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Paired Donation?
A. My Kidney Angel is not required to have the same blood type as me. All blood types are welcome. Mine is O, by the way. You don’t even have to live in the same state as me. With the paired donation program, that means you donate a kidney to someone who is a match for you in your area, and in return I get a kidney from someone who is a match for me; it is a Win-Win scenario. OHSU participates in the first Pacific Northwest kidney paired exchange.


Q. What is it like to donate a kidney? What is the recovery time like?

A. I can put you in touch with others who have donated a kidney so you can talk to them, ask questions, and they can share their experience with you. While recovery time depends on you, most donors say it takes just 2-3 weeks to fully recover.  Most get back to normal daily activities in 10-14 days. You can also visit


for information about donor assistance. 


Q. What are some of the tests I have to take to qualify?

A. My Kidney Angel must be in good health, have no diabetes, no internal cancers, no Melanoma skin cancer, no high blood pressure, no heart issues, and of course no kidney problems like kidney stones.


You must be up to date with your routine exams from the following doctors:
Colonoscopy if over 50 years of age


Here is a basic list of tests and/or procedures to expect if you are considering donation that will be covered by the recipient’s insurance:
Blood test for matching
Urine tests
Then, a whole day of testing at OHSU (or your nearest hospital that OHSU works with if you are participating in Paired Donation) that includes:
Fasting blood test
Urine test
CT scan
Chest x-ray
Possibly a stress test
Meeting with transplant team


You need to have a support person who will accompany you to a class and some tests as well as agree to be with you during and after transplant for about 2 weeks. 


It seems like a lot, but it is actually all very easy. The nurses and doctors are so kind and caring and the tests are painless. They will answer all your questions and concerns.


“Please consider saving a life, saving my life, and becoming a kidney donor. Thank you.” 
– Trisha