Seeking Your Assistance

Update: I received a kidney from a deceased donor on Friday October 13, 2023. I am eternally grateful for that person’s sacrifice and ultimate gift. 

PLEASE USE THIS SITE AS INFORMATIONAL. THANK YOU ALL WHO TESTED TO BECOME MY DONOR. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THERE ARE MANY OUT THERE WHO STILL NEED A DONOR. Become a living donor and save a life. My name is Trisha. I am seeking a Kidney Angel, a kidney donor. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is an inherited kidney disease that is usually not detected or diagnosed until adulthood. I found out when I was 39. Since this silent disease is inherited, I pray I did not pass it on to my son. To be a donor, you don’t have to be my same blood type or even live in the same state as me. You just need to be willing to save a life. Organ donation is a selfless act of courage and love for which I would be eternally grateful. Perhaps in as little as 10-20 years they will grow or print made to order organs for us in a lab. Today we rely on the kindness of strangers.

To see if you qualify for the Living Donor Program, click the button below to take the confidential  Health Assessment Survey at Oregon Health & Science University’s secure website. Any information you share  is private and protected:

  Health Survey  :


If you are not able to be a living donor, PLEASE consider becoming a donor upon death. Contact your local DMV to become an organ donor. You could save many lives. Thank you.

Click the button below to read about my prior Kidney Angel and more about becoming a  kidney donor:

 Angel Stories 


To learn more about me:

About My Journey


Read an article about me published by Donate Life Northwest:

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If You Qualify

If you made it through the Health Assesment Survey,  you potentially qualify to be a donor, congratulations! You should now call Oregon Health & Science University at 503-494-0345 M-F 9-4 PST and tell them you filled out the health questionnaire to be a donor for Trisha Studer. Tell them if you are not a direct match for me, you would be interested in paired exchange or paired donation. 
Learn more about paired donation on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions